The meaning of a company is showcased in the VALUES that underlie the decisions it makes on a daily basis. Every person who joins the organisation, every decision that is made, and every action that is taken must be a natural consequence of the VALUES at Cots i Claret.

Clients must see our entire team's COMMITMENT and PROACTIVITY in the service and attention we give to their desired building or facility.

Technical and facultative directions must be able to have total CONFIDENCE in the entire team we make available to them based on TRANSPARENCY and RIGOUR.

Suppliers must be chosen based on their QUALITY and COLLABORATIVE SPIRIT to optimise the result in their specialisation to the utmost.

And our personnel must excel in TECHNICAL EXPERTISE and CRAFTSMANSHIP to unite all the knowledge and skills of everyone involved in the fascinating journey, starting with the idea itself, that is the creation of the technical project and the final construction of our customers' dreams.

convey commitment &


The customer is our priority, our inspiration, our daily challenge and our most demanding commitment. In short, he is our raison d’être. For him we have made all dreams come true, from pavilions to libraries, housing developments and hospitals.


We select our suppliers based on the highest quality standards, always ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the supplies and work entrusted.

human resources

We provide our customers with all the professionalism and involvement of the Cots i Claret team, which consists of 20 graduates and over 60 construction professionals in the different categories (managers, foremen, officials), with an average of over 15 years of experience. A team committed to a job well done and the value of their word.

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We establish a relationship of trust, honesty and transparency with construction managers, architects, engineers and more. Compliance with the terms and quality of our projects is our best letter of recommendation in addition to our extensive experience in the different construction fields.