Commitment, Quality and the Total Involvement of Our Team

Homes, sports facilities, hospitals, schools, libraries, housing developments, industrial warehouses and numerous other buildings have been newly constructed or renovated with the same degree of commitment in terms of the quality of their structural components and finishes as well as price and completion date.Because at Cots i Claret we have spent over seventy-five years working to turn our clients’ dreams,
projects and needs into a reality. The high level of involvement of our team, comprising technicians, administrative personnel and highly-qualified site personnel who receive continuous training, has become the leading feature of our competitive advantage in the construction industry.

How we work? Our Connection to Cities and People

Every day, early in the morning, we start the working day in the very heart of our home city. When we act, decide or assess everyday situations, our city observes us and watches what we do. When we face new challenges or dream of the future, our city expects the very best from us. Also, when we reminisce about the past and about our work in particular, the city unashamedly shows us signs of our successes and failures, of all the work we’ve done.
That’s why, we at Cots i Claret have made a firm and constant commitment to all the cities where destiny or fortune takes us to work, with the blanket that protects our clients’ dreams, with their familiar scenario. After the working day is over, returning to Manresa with our heads held high is the essence of our being.